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Kennedy Center!!!

I have a performance at the Kennedy Center at 2.

A few bowie state students and alumni are going to perform an elaborated reading on the play Indigos, written by T. Tara Turk.

I play Lord Major, a very talented musician who is trying to shake an addiction as well as escape his inner demons that continue to haunt him. 

Everyone in this play world is escaping from some form of inner demons.


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racism and heartbreak.

These two videos are from one of my favorite artists, Gnarls Barkley, which consists of producer Dangermouse and vocalist Cee Lo Green. These are definately near the top of the list for some of the most inspirational videos I have seen, especially since they rarely get credit. 

btw. if you dont understand the subject matter of the first video, you are some kind of dumbass.

*directed by wendy morgan


*directed by chris milk

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Im a videographer…

Who says video isn’t an art form?

When the word art comes to mind, the first thing most people will refer to is some fancy painting, some sculpture, an inspirational song, some famous photograph, etc.

-The one thing that rarely gets credit, is art in video format.

I figure this is mainly because no one ever really has tried. If not tried, than no one ever really thought about doing it. 

The sad part is, that’s just about all I can do. Capture personality and emotion in a 10-second clip in my head that will make a newborn cry. literally.

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