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Finally it is here, I am sorry for anyone who waited on the day  told them to look out for it, but I have been ridiculously sick this past week. 


Also, if you have not already done so, please read the video info before watching.

For Info Click Here

Click Here For Video: DARRYL CHOP SUM MINH    Enjoi!


btw. I know people hate to comment on any blogs but it would help me a lot if i can just have some feedback on my character analysis. Im hoping to turn this experiment into an actual movie which will be later titled LEWIS DARRYL & CHOP SUM MINH.

More info in a future post. 




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Preview & Info: Two Weeks Notice

The Two Weeks Notice video is finally close to becoming complete, so heres some info on the video so you can understand it a little better before it releases. 

Interesting films not only need interesting stories, but more-so interesting characters. There are many movies with very weak story lines, but the characters are so believable we are kept watching while they steal the show. 


The two weeks notice film is a project I have been working on in order to test the limits of a character I have been very interested in for a while now. 



The main character is named Darryl Chop Sum Minh, a cambodian student attending an HBCU, who relies mostly on the beliefs of his homeland rather than adapting to the new ideologies of most Americans. Because his views and experiences differ greatly from average Americans, many conflicts arise from a lack of understanding of the differing backgrounds and lifestyles. 

Darryl is accompanied by Lewis, an HBCU student who is just trying to get by without being noticed. He is a typical slacker student who hasn’t experienced anything too different than what he has always been exposed to in America.  

Story line: Darryl and Lewis have been paired up for a psychology project. They are told they must go into a public place, collect, & record data from the public any way they see fit. They can ask any questions, and collect the info they record any way they see fit. Thus, the pair decide to take a trip after class to a local supermarket videotaping their trip to turn in as their project. 


All in all, what I tried to achieve was literally test the willing suspension of disbelief on normal everyday people who were unaware of our character test. Ultimately we succeeded. Everyone was fooled into believing the newfound character for our future movie.  This character was so realistic it actually had me believing that Darryl Chop Sum Minh was actually a real character. 

Enjoi when its posted later tonight.


September 22, 2008 at 5:36 pm 2 comments

movies for the emotional and the stoners.

*For the emotional…. Nights and Weekends

 This trailer is revealing a movie that will be a heartbreaker film for the ages. The realness of the emotion in the actors is creepy, I find no room to question their authenticity. so heres the scoop,

Scoop: Mattie and James are in love. But too many mornings and too many miles apart have taken a toll on them. As they struggle with the distance between New York and Chicago, their visits become reminders of the difficulties, not the pleasures, of their relationship. Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig follow HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS with NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS, an intimate portrayal of longing and confusion. This time Swanberg co-stars with Gerwig, and Gerwig co-directs with Swanberg, creating a film that resonates deeply and leaves scars that fade but cant heal.



Director:Joe Swanberg, Greta Gerwig
Cast:Greta Gerwig, Joe Swanberg, Alison Bagnall, Elizabeth Donius, Jay Duplass


*For the stoners.. Zach and Miri Make a Porno

Seth Rogen and crew are back yet again with his newest comedy. Of course this guy is always funny, but it seems as if his comedy is beginning to lack the same punch it did when he helped co-write Superbad some time back. Im still definitely going to see this one though, mainly because Rogen hasn’t become insanely annoying. Not like everyones old friend Will Ferrell. 

Scoop: Two lifelong platonic friends, strapped for cash and in debt, decide to make a porno. 



Starring: Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Traci Lords, Jason Mewes, Craig Robinson 
Directed by: Kevin Smith 
Produced by: Scott Mosier

September 14, 2008 at 7:53 am 3 comments

2 Weeks Notice. Update.

There are some minor changes happening with my Two Weeks Notice. Project.

1. The production will no longer consist of 2 movies. It will now be 1 individual movie and production.

2. The two separate story lines have been shelved and saved for a more later release. Now a new story has arisen to be filmed and titled, “2 Weeks Notice.” 

3. It will release in a week.

You can hold me to the release date. If its not out by than I will by you a slurpee..ha.

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your no DOOM.

MF DOOM is really taking it far with his fans. After putting many projects on a hault, such as DOOMSTARK, the second DangerDOOM project, the REAL Madvillainy 2 (not the weak box set) etc, MF DOOM has been hiring imposters to go onstage and perform as him, although they share no resemblances. 


Rock The Bells – random location


This can all be a ploy or gimmik to hype his upcoming projects, or just a sign that he has had his fun in the hip hop game and its all a joke to him now.

I guess we will find out on October 21st when his next album, Born Into This, is set to release.

fyi. thats also the same day Fable 2 comes out. =p

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cee-lo green has one of the most unique voices around.

dangermouse is one of the greatest producers around.

transformer – live at abbey studios

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epic movies to watch for.

Here are two movies that you need to be on the lookout for in the upcoming year. They are definitely bound to win a Golden Globe or Academy Award for the performances that will be shown. 





September 6, 2008 at 9:08 pm 2 comments

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